Blood is present at nearly every type of incident and accident. It takes special training to safely and completely remove blood and other bodily fluids in a safe manner. An untrained person should never attempt to clean up blood or bodily fluids from the scene of a crime, tragedy, accident or death. Blood can contain dangerous pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis and AIDS, as well as multiple viruses or bacteria.


Bio Recovery Specialists is fully trained and accredited in blood removal and cleanup. We can completely remove all remnants of blood and bodily fluid, sanitize the area, and remove and replace any contaminated materials.





No one should rent, purchase or occupy a former drug lab property unless cleanup has occurred. During the drug cooking process, hazardous vapors are given off that spread and are absorbed by nearby materials. Bio Recovery Specialists are trained in the clean up and removal of these hazardous substances.





When a crime occurs, the scene can serve as a stark reminder of the event long after the crime itself. The fastest way for victims and their loved ones to start the recovery process is to remove all physical reminders of the incident from the scene.


From blood and other bodily fluid stains, to fingerprint dust and chemical residue, which are often used by police in a crime scene situation, we dispose of all materials that have been affected by the incident. We clean or replace any necessary materials including carpeting, subfloor and drywall to return the property to its original condition and in compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.





There is no situation more delicate than a death scene. The deceased was a family member, friend, neighbor and coworker. Whether it’s from natural causes, an accident, or a more violent event, great attention must be paid to be respectful of both the deceased and the scene. At Bio Recovery Specialists, we take great care to tread lightly upon the situation while extensively cleaning the scene of all traces of the death.


Any death will result in the loss of bodily fluids. This requires extreme care because pathogens, viruses and bacteria can be present in those fluids. We adhere to the industry’s strict standards for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing a death scene. We remove and replace any potentially infected materials and work to return the room or scene to its original condition.





Whether it’s from a food or beverage spill, a fire, or from an accident or death, a lingering odor can make an area unbearable to live in, and can even be dangerous. If you can still smell it, the odor causing bacteria or chemicals are most likely still present.


Over-the-counter cleaners are not always powerful enough to eliminate all odor-causing bacteria. Bio Recovery Specialists uses only the strongest EPA-approved technologies to clean and remove the odors. We clean the affected area, remove and replace any soiled materials and make the room “good as new.”





A suicide is one of the most traumatic events that can happen to a family. At Bio Recovery specialists, we understand the delicacies involved with this particular type of incident. We work quickly, efficiently and confidentially to minimize the impact the event has had on the property and the people involved.


Our technicians are extensively trained in dealing with the cleaning and remediation of blood and bodily fluids. Additionally, we strive to return all structural elements, such as carpet and paint, to their previous condition. We are thoroughly trained in OSHA and EPA-certified techniques that properly decontaminate an area with hospital grade disinfectants, thereby limiting health risks.





A trauma, by definition, is a sudden occurrence resulting in bodily harm. Because of this, trauma scenes are never orderly and, to be honest, can be particularly gruesome. It takes special care and a detail to clean a trauma scene while maintaining composure and respect for the people involved.


Trauma scenes are not only delicate places emotionally; they are teeming with health risks. Our cleanup teams are specially trained to deal with the infectious bloodborne pathogens and bacterial contagions that are invariably part of trauma scenes. We take great care to provide comprehensive cleaning and repair services to trauma scenes in homes, offices and other properties and restore the environment to its original condition. This way the victims and survivors can begin the recovery process.





When a tragedy strikes, survivors, family and friends are often in a state of shock. The last thing they need to think about is the logistics of cleaning the scene of the tragic event. Bio Recovery Specialists understands the balance that needs to be struck between quickly responding and being discreet. We have experienced tragedy ourselves and work quickly and efficiently so everyone can begin to put the tragedy behind them.


Bio Recovery Specialists follows the tragedy scene cleaning standards set forth by the American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA), the internationally recognized authority in crime scene, tragedy and hoarding clean up; and meth lab disposal and remediation.  We work until there are no physical remnants of the event.





When you think of a crime scene or tragedy scene, you most often think of a home, school, business or office. But a great number of accidents and traumatic events happen on the road.


At Bio Recovery specialists, we are fully equipped and trained to decontaminate and clean vehicles. Whether it’s an unwelcome odor or bodily fluid cleanup, our trained crew can help restore your vehicle to its former glory.

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